Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mochi Ice Cream

It's been in the country for quite sometime but its always out of stock in the supermarket. I've chanced upon it yesterday and grab a dozen of this ice cream balls wrapped in glutinous rice flour.

Imported from Hong Kong, the most exciting news in ice cream is now in the Philippines! Introducing Magnolia Mochi—ice cream balls covered with glutinous rice. Magnolia Mochi Ice Cream comes in Ube and Sesame flavors. Thrill your senses with Magnolia Mochi, now available in select supermarkets. {source}

The soft and chewy texture of sticky rice and ice cream all comes into burst in just one bite!

The thing is, it doesn't taste like sesame flavor at all...

You can grab one at Rustan's Fresh for Php 9.95



  1. I figure out na what it taste like!!! It's like espasol!

    cold, soft, a bit creamy and chewy espasol!


  2. Mochi is made of glutinous rice cake. It is originated from Japan. It's like sticky but yummy!