Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Letter to Dad

16 June 2011


Words are not enough to describe a father who has been there for you all throughout. In good times and in bad times, you were there for us. Giving us the advise we direly need in a calmly manner. Showing us the right direction to do things, doesn’t forces your way and respects every decision we make. You look for ways to help us even if it costs you everything. I am me because of you and the only way to repay that is to be as good as you to Ian.

I miss talking to you... I miss going back home to have a chat with you and talk about anything and everything. I miss the lunch and dinners that you prepare with all gusto and between you and me, I still think you cook better than I do because of all the love that goes with it.

Mom, Iris, Imer and me together with Nova and Ian, Brum, Kim, Mito and soon Mitri are lucky to have you as the finest husband, a wonderful father and the best grandfather we could ever ask for.

Thank you for always being there.

Take care always of your health as you always do.

And you know how much I love you and I’ll say it once more, I love you very much and I am proud of you dad.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Your loving son,



And mom, this goes to you as well. I love you both. I miss you dearly and I can’t wait to feel your warmth embrace once more.

i am still finding how to post the video of mom reading it to dad during their prayer meeting


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