Monday, June 20, 2011

Father's Day

We had a great day yesterday celebrating fatherhood!

Morning was spent catching up with mom and dad via skype...

Had lunch at Santa Lu-chi-ya

drive around... had ice cream at

the kid had strawberry sundae with gummy bears and sprinkles... the hot fudge was so good!!!

and then went to Church after

About 35 km and a some 30 minutes drive from the church is Bird's Hill Provincial Park and since the day is still long we surprised the kid by bringing him there.

Good thing there's always a bag of extra clothes (for swimming & gym time) in the car for impromptu activities like this.

this is at past eight in the evening and the sun is still up...

the sign... making sure no stupid Winnipeger dives head first on these shallow waters

mom, is that my future self??? lol

Aside from swimming, there are also a lot of things to do here like beach volleyball, play ground, trails, bicycle and inline skating paths, etc.
Best of all... it's FREE!!!

patrols and life guards are visible and kept the grounds clean and orderly. Park closes at 11pm but because this wasn't planned, all we have was a bottle of water with us. The kid was hungry already so it's time to go home.

And for dinner??? Drive Thru @ McDonalds!


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  1. where's the picture of the car? hehehehe :-)