Thursday, January 22, 2009

Suka Pinakurat

This is one heck of a vinegar.

I am a condiment guy...

as much as possible, there must always be a patis and suka on the table.

So I was glad dad introduce this to us over the week-end
and it even paired well with the lechon that we had.

Suka Pinakurat is a product of Iligan City and made from fermented coco nectar or tuba and siling labuyo plus other ingredients.

Linguistics Professor at the Mindanao State University-Iligan Institute of Technology (MSU-IIT), Dr. Luvizminda Cagas de la Cruz, says “pinakurat” is an affixation of the Sebuano (correct spelling instead of “Cebuano” according to language scholars) root word “kurat.” “Kurat,” according to De la Cruz, means surprise. Thus, “pinakurat” means in a sudden or surprising manner as to shock the person.

“Since the taste of the vinegar mixed with the spices was very similar to that used in the pinakurat dish, we decided to name our product after it,” explained Stuart del Rosario. And sure enough, sukang Pinakurat’s taste took everyone by surprise. “Papawisan ka sa sarap” (you’ll break out into a sweat from its spiciness) so the ad goes. {source}

It's best for barbecue, broiled, grilled and roasted meat, dried fish and seafoods. I tried it with the chicharon last night and i ended up eating it with the rice.

You can find the Sweetened Suka Pinakurat (php 65.00) and Suka Waykurat Sawsawan Espesyal (php 55.00) at Greenhills Tiangge Area.


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  1. we used to buy this a lot before sa landmark. but it makes everything taste so good kaya napapadami kain. Hazardous to our weight. Kaya ngyn wala na. Hehehe. short-lived love affair. Baka special occasions na lang.